To directors of local authority culture offices, community leaders, etc.

Would you like to host the project


'Imagine…' is an itinerant project that touches upon several aspects of cultural life, including different artistic expressions, education, tourism, and community groups It is aimed at suburbs and smaller cities all around the world.

Around fifteen artists from the X-PROJECT will be in residency in the hosting community for four weeks.
The first three weeks will be taken up with preparations of activities in the fourth and last week. The programme of activities in the final week will be open for wide and varied participation: schools, local associations, work places, individuals, etc. Four days of activities will be structured through group work in different places - music, singing, movement, visual work, objects, or other kinds of work aiming to contribute to a shared experience. The form of these activities may vary from a workshop (maybe for teachers or for children and young people), or an exchange with local artists, etc. These will allow for the deepening of existing interests, as well as for experiencing new things. The main aim is to create an overall buzz of creativity around the place, and that everyone can take part: children, youngsters and adults, all involved in a shared creative process. All activities should be for free for participants.

On the last day of week 4 we will invite the whole community to a very special performance. The performance will be a unique event, created especially for the location where it takes place (inside or outside), and it will be performed only once. The event will be based on the encounter between the artists and the history and present of the chosen location. It may be a forgotten place, or it may be somewhere that is so well known by everyone in the community that it is no longer noticed: and all of a sudden this all-too-well known place is filled with the emotions of an exceptional event, and the community can "rediscover" it.
Everyone in the community wanting to take part in the concluding event will create their contribution during the previous four workshop days.

It is important that the exact project format will be the outcome of an open planning dialogue between the project members, local responsible officers, enthusiasts and community stakeholders - thus ensuring that the project will be tailor-made for local needs and interests.

The main pre-requisite for hosting the project is the availability of some necessary spaces for the whole duration of the artists' residency (four weeks):
- two empty working rooms of about 70m2 and 30m2 respectively (ideally with wooden floors)
- accommodation for max. 16 persons and the use of kitchen and dining room fitted out for autonomous use by the artists.

Should your town / community be interested to host the project "Imagine...", and should you be able to provide the necessary spaces we would be very happy if you contacted us.
We could then talk about how the project could be carried out in your area.

Magdalena Pietruska and Roger Rolin
project directors

photo:Markus Hofmann & Stefano Lanzardo