Workshops and seminars

In our research we have identified some basic principles that facilitate and enhance the actor's autonomy in the creative process. 'Intention' (an action based on mental rather than physical precision) and the distinction between 'sense' (the intrinsic meaning of an act) and 'signification' (the meaning that an act acquires in a context) were crucial to clarifying principles of the actor's personal work and of collective improvisation

Our practical work focuses on:
- actor training (physical and vocal)
- voice and text
- personal work (the actor's laboratory)
- principles for collective improvisation (variation and development)
- the mime technique of Etienne Decroux and Martial Arts (in relation to the work of the actor)
- etudes (short studies for composition of actions)

International Theatre Workshop

Every year we run a two-week summer course in Nygård with individual and group work. The workshop is limited to ten participants and is inclusive of board and lodging.

Open university
Open University consists of individual work-sessions in Nygård for those who have already previously worked with us. These sessions are inclusive of board and lodging.

If you would like to organise a workshop we can offer:

Theater Workshop
Length according to agreement. Number of participants is limited to fifteen.

Beyond the Word: Voice Work Workshop
Every technique is tied to an aesthetic. If you wish to free yourself from this aesthetic you must find a way of going beyond technique. This voice workshop is aimed at stimulating one's personal voice and aesthetic. Through practical exercises that are not tied to a result one can find a path that is both an alternative to and a support for more conceptually driven techniques. In this workshop we work both with and for the voice, individually and as a group. In both text and song work we search for what lies beyond the word (i.e. for that which carries the word). The number of participants is limited to seven.

The Logic of Passion
The Logic of Passion is a three-and-half-hour seminar/discussion/work-demonstration about our research on the art of the actor and theatre work. It is aimed at schools, universities, and theatre groups but it can also be presented as a public event (see 'Performances' section). The Logic of Passion can be combined with a workshop..