Pedagogy is a crucial aspect of our work and is as important as both the research and the artistic aspects. In our pedagogical work we translate into practical tasks the work principles that we have found through research. This is a way of increasing our own level of understanding as well as a test to see if these principles are universally applicable; it is thus a forum where new ways of sharing our knowledge can be tried out and in the process developing theatre pedagogy.
We teach techniques and processes that permit greater autonomy in the work of the actor, while our own artistic choices are not a 'subject' in the teaching. Our teaching focuses on work principles that we have found in our research and which serve as points of reference for the actor's work without limiting or directing their artistic choice.

The main point in our pedagogical endeavours is to stimulate the participants' own creativity. Since learning and putting a skill into practice stand in contrast to the creative act, teaching existing techniques is not a goal but a point of departure. The objective is to obtain insight in what one has learned by learning it. We call this attitude auto-pedagogy.

Through practical work and theoretical reflection, participants are given an opportunity to discover principles of creativity and to develop their own work by auto-pedagogical means. Every pedagogical project is for us a new situation that we approach differently even if the practical work always has the same point of departure: the work of the actor.