Our main pedagogical projects through the years were The Logic of Passion, University of Theatre, Open University, University of Theatre - Continuous Project, and an EU-course called 'L´attore al centro dell´atto creativo' (The Actor at the Centre of the Creative Act).

The Logic of Passion is a new form of seminar that we initiated in 1983 as an alternative to short practical workshops and structured work demonstrations. Originally led by Ingemar Lindh, the seminar consisted of discussions around the work of the actor. Participants' questions were tackled through practical work. The seminar was initially held over two days, but a shorter version was developed later on.

Initiated in 1984, University of Theatre was an annual pedagogical project for actors and directors. The project also served as a laboratory for research in theatre pedagogy. Instead of simply accumulating skills, the goal was to try out new methods of work in a more systematic way that would provide students with tools to search for individual paths and develop their own creative capacity.
The project was carried out in the form of three-month-long sessions, except for two editions that lasted a year and eighteen months respectively. In total there were ten University of Theatre editions, involving between seven and thirty participants per session from different cultures, generations, and levels of experience. This diversity also gave the project a social auto-pedagogical meaning by confronting participants with issues regarding tolerance and cooperation both in the theatre work and in daily life.
In the pedagogical process, the didactic part involving the transmission of already known techniques and skills was reduced to a minimum. Instead, more space was given to the process of exploration, consisting of empirical work around the creative act followed by reflection on foundational principles in the work of the actor. Most University of Theatre sessions ended in an artistic process with work on a performance. Besides working as pedagogues, Institutet actors also took part in some of these performances. University of Theatre performances were presented variously, ranging from a few times to two weeks in Teatro della Rosa. Two of the performances had follow-up projects, including an international tour.

Launched in 1990, the individual work-sessions of Open University are a further training project (master classes) where individuals and small groups are given the opportunity to design the content and duration of the work together with the pedagogue.

Continuous Project began in 1995 and was a version of University of Theatre that allowed for more flexible participation. One could opt to stop after a month or to resume the work after a pause. The project was held during the Institutet's final two years at Teatro della Rosa concluding with two performances.

'L´attore al centro dell´atto creativo' was a 1997 EU-funded further training course for unemployed actors. The teaching included and practical work with Glyn Goodall and dealt with aspects of our cooperation with researchers within xHCA.