Our performances are mostly our own creations, ranging from theatre to dance-theatre, concert-performances, site specific, group, and solo pieces. The structure of our performances is not representative (narrative) but associative (poetic). Similar to poetry and music, the musicality of word and gesture is a vehicle for meaning with a focus on emotive appeal. Except for a few dramatic works by playwrights, the text in our performances is usually created by us in relation with the world of an author's or a poet's ideas, rather than with a specific work. Thematically, our performances centre on existential and ethical issues in the social and political contexts that mark our society.

Our approach is to work with performance as process, which implies two things. First, that each performance is part of a bigger context, that it is both an end and a point of departure and is therefore not considered as a finished product or a goal in itself but as an organic part of a continuous practice and a necessary ingredient in the creative process.
Secondly, that the structure of a performance is open and that the director only lays out reference points for a dynamo-rhythmic and chronological course of events. It is thus the actor who is each and every time responsible for recreating the performance as a whole. Improvisation, i.e. variation and development, has had a double role in our work: as a tool during the work process on the performance and as an artistic choice in the creative process of the actor's 'here and now' quality within the performance.

The fundamental idea in a theatre based on the actor is that the theatrical event is considered as an encounter between actor and audience. This means that our indoor performances demand an intimate situation and therefore a limited amount of spectators. The size of the auditorium depends on the specific character of each performance. Another characteristic of our performances is the consideration of the spectator as our guest and of the performance as the essential but not the only part of the theatre event. For us it is a natural part of the performance event to include taking care of the social situation, welcoming the spectator-guest, and providing the occasion to being together after the performance for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Some of our performances have included this foyer-part as an integral part in the structure of the performance.