In spring 2006 we founded X-PROJECT, a network of international artists who see the work of the artist as an ongoing dialogue process with the world and who consider the theatrical event as part of a wider context.

Our hope is that X-PROJECT strengthens and enriches the work of each collaborator in their respective group, theatre, or context, and in the process also serving as a source or platform for new performances, projects, and networks.

Among other things, the work of X-PROJECT is formulated and developed within the itinerant project 'Imagine…You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one…' that started 2007.

'Imagine…' is a project that touches upon several aspects of cultural life, including different artistic expressions, education, tourism, and community groups It is aimed at suburbs and smaller cities all around the world.

Magdalena Pietruska and Roger Rolin are the directors of the 'Imagine…' project.

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